Horehound Drops


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When you have a sore throat, there's nothing worse than finding yourself with a bag of bad cough drops. It can be so discouraging to wake up, day-in and day-out, with that neverending ache. We don't think that you should continue to suffer! What you need to do, is find yourself some cough drops that you can really count on! And if you're looking for great cough drops, then look no further than these Sanded Horehound Drops!

The perfect remedy to your scratchy throat, our Claey's Old Fashioned Hard Candies are exactly what your sore throat asked for! These 6 ounce bags are a great size for getting rid of that pesky ache. And since they're still being manufactured exactly the same way they were in 1927, you know you won't be disappointed! Plus, they're made with 100% natural Horehound herbal tea, so they're bound to satisfy. But don't worry if one just isn't enough, there are about 33 unwrapped drops per bag to help you start feeling great!

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